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How to Setup and Use Tele Party Chrome Extension

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Are you fond of movies, series, and shows with your near and dear ones that usually miss those who live far away from you? If yes, then, from now onwards, you won’t get upset after thinking about them. As here, you have a resolution, which is a Teleparty Extension, that allows you to watch all your favorite videos over Netflix and on other popular streaming sites together. And these are Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, besides Netflix. In order to give a kick start to fulfill your streaming plans at your watch party, you need to create and share the watch party link. So you can invite your distant and near friends and even converse with them via the live chat feature while streaming together. 

Moreover, you can trust the Teleparty Chrome Extension as it is a part of Netflix, which its name can recognize in the streaming world. Also, Teleparty Extension is a better option for hanging out with your buddies virtually. The Teleparty is formally known as Netflix. And once you learn about “How to use Teleparty Chrome Extension” and even the process to install Teleparty Extension. You can host a virtual watch party, join with friends, and even step into a group conversation. Furthermore, remember that neither Tele Party is an official extension nor does Netflix endorse it. So, install this access to a free extension on your device and kill the boredom in your life.     


What do you Understand from a Netflix Party?

The Google Chrome browser Teleparty Extension can be installed to virtually watch movies, shows, and series with friends. The best part of this Teleparty extension is that it can help synchronize video playback. Consequently, whenever a viewer pauses the video, the other’s video will also be paused and resumed simultaneously.

Moreover, you don’t need to restrict your thoughts and reviews to yourself, as you can share them with your movie partners via the group chat feature. Besides accessing and installing the Tele Party extension, registering or signing up also doesn’t cost anything. Plus, it’s absolutely 100% free and does not require registering or signing up for an account. Hence, jump onto the information below on installing this freely available extension, create the Watch Party link, and step- into the watch party.


What are the Requirements to Organize a Teleparty? 

Follow the below information to learn about using the Tele Party extension, so stay tuned: 

1. Primarily, you must have a Netflix account to login into. Remember that you and other joiners must have a separate account rather than a sharing one. 

2. Ensure to have a Google Chrome browser on your device. It should be either a Chromebook or a desktop computer for Mac or Windows 10.

3. Lastly, you must have a fast, consistent, and reliable ISP connection.

First: Install the Tele Party Extension

You need to download and install the Teleparty Extension onto your browser before accessing it. Besides, you can easily find it available on the Chrome browser and on the web store. So, let’s dig into the steps leading toward the installation process:

1. First, visit the official website of Tele Party and then click the “Install Tele Party” button. You even have an alternate option to visit the Chrome Extension page.

2. After reaching the Chrome Web Store, click the “Add to Chrome” button. And then, without wasting a moment, click on the “Add Extension” command button.

3. Consequently, it will download the extension and add it to Google Chrome.

4. Next, it will show you an “NP” logo icon on the upper right-hand corner of your screen. 

5. Further, begin by accessing the extension by clicking on its extension icon. And that’s how you can host a watch party and stream with your friends.

Second: Host a Netflix Watch Party

Once you download the Tele Party extension and set it up on your Chrome browser. Then, to learn the rest of other processes to host your watch party, follow the below steps:

1. Begin by visiting the official website of Netflix. And select the video that you prefer to watch and then start playing that video.

2. Remember, after the first step, the Tele Party extension icon (TP) will change its color. Moreover, it will change its color from gray to red, which you can see on your address bar. 

3. Next, you need to click on the Tele Party icon. So it can display a window instructing you regarding creating a Tele Party.

4. Now, it will give you the option to keep video playback controllability to yourself or leave it to everyone.

5. Once you have made your choice, click the “Start the Party” button. Hence, it will pop up another window along with a Teleparty link.

6. Further, click the “Copy the URL” button and share that Tele Party link with your friends. The users can easily find this link anytime during the watch party. All you need to do is to click the Tele Party extension icon.

7. Don’t forget about the live comment section of Tele Party, which adds more entertainment. In this section, you and your friends can share thoughts and views over a scene in real-time with each other.

8. There’s an option to hide or even show the Tele Party chatroom. You only need to click on the TP extension logo in your Chrome browser.

Third: Join a Netflix Watch Party

Not being a host of the watch party doesn’t make any difference. Because you can still enjoy watching shows and movies with your friends even if you are invited to the watch party. Now, let’s have a look at what lies ahead:  

1. The host of the Teleparty must share the watch party link with the joiner or you.  

2. The joiner of the watch party must install the extension after receiving a Tele Party link. 

3. Lastly, click on the link and open it; so your video will be synced with your friends. And you can double the entertainment after having a chat in real time.

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