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How To Use Netflix Party Now Known As Teleparty In 2023

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Still sad due to the conversion of Netflix into Teleparty Chrome extension? And constantly thinking, how can you watch all your favorite movies and shows on Netflix with your friends and family? Then, don’t worry; there’s no such big difference between Netflix Party and Teleparty extension. Moreover, you can still watch all your favorite shows, movies, series, and other videos via the Teleparty Chrome extension. 

Plus, don’t think that days are gone when you used to synchronize video playbacks and chat with your friends while streaming Netflix shows. As you can still continue doing the same things, but you need to install Teleparty extension first to know how to use Teleparty. Now, let’s jump onto the below guide to understand the difference and usage between the functioning of Netflix Party and Teleparty.   


What is a Netflix Party

There’s no need for an introduction when it comes to defining the Netflix party, which is now called Teleparty. So within a few words, it is an online tool we need to install to synchronize movies and TV show playbacks with our friends and family. The best part about the Netflix party(Teleparty) is that it is compatible with different streaming platforms besides Netflix. And these streaming platforms are HBO, Hulu, and Disney Plus. Moreover, it works overseas, and in other countries, so you can gather all your friends worldwide & synchronize playbacks. Furthermore, its features also carry a sidebar that allows you to chat in real time with your friends while streaming videos. 

Functionality of Netflix(Teleparty) 

You must have a laptop/PC with a Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox browser to access and install Netflix Party extension. Don’t try to use this extension on your smartphone or Smart TV, as it doesn’t work. 

Teleparty Extension Installation 

Having either a PC/laptop is necessary to download the“Netflix Party” extension for free. Further, it will ask you to add the extension to Chrome; then, you need to open the Netflix site and enter your account details. After that, you must select the movie or shows you want to watch with your brats.  


Netflix Subscription Requirement for using the Netflix Extension

It is relevant to have a Netflix subscription before; you can ask your friends about their Netflix accounts. Remember, besides you, the other watch party members must have an active Netflix subscription. Also, sharing the Netflix membership with your friends to stream on two devices simultaneously is also allowed. Moreover, which movie to watch and when to start the Teleparty is completely up to you. 

More to do with Teleparty Extension

There’s a lot to do besides inviting your friends to the watch party to stream. Its user-friendly attributes even let the host control the video playback. Moreover, the host can even give permission to their friends to remind, fast forward, and stop the video. Moreover, to add more fun to your watch party, you can even set the group chatting rules by creating the coolest nicknames and user icons. It even lets its users share streaming, which is not bounded by the time when it comes to watching.

What Devices Does Teleparty Work on?

There are a number of devices that you can use to make the Teleparty Chrome extension work. So without any further delay, let’s get started: 

1. Usage of Netflix party on Mac

If you are a Mac user, you only need to download the Netflix Party Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store. Open Netflix on Chrome and play any video, such as a movie or show on Netflix. And then, click the NP button to send your friends the Watch Party invitation link.

2. Usage of Netflix party on Chrome

Being a Chrome user, begin by installing the teleparty extension. And then, visit your chrome browser and open the Netflix videos. Further, click on the extension icon to begin the party by sharing the invitation URL with your brats.

How to Use Netflix Party(Teleparty) to Stream Movies with your Friends? 

After opening your Netflix account and downloading the teleparty extension. It's time to create a watch Party via the red “NP'' icon beside your browser’s address bar. All you need to do is to click the red “NP'' icon to start the Netflix party by sharing the watch party link with your buddies. 

1. Begin Streaming Videos with Friends

In order to invite your friends, clicking on the Teleparty icon lets you create a Watch Party invitation link. Remember, your friends must have a Netflix subscription to let themselves in. Last, your friends need to open the URL, to start binge-free streaming and connect with your friends to enjoy the movie and shows. 

2. Customize your Teleparty

Last but not least is the customization of your Teleparty, which is in the hands of the Watch Party’s host. In the Teleparty customization attribute, you can get options like permitting video playback in sync, modifying Group chat rules, and using this extension's different useful features. Surprisingly, the host can even restrict the video playback permissions. And also, the host can assign different names to their friends. And even use GIFs, emojis, and text to communicate with one another in a group chat feature.

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