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How to use Teleparty for Movie Nights with Friends

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It's better to utilize your spare time with your friends and close ones rather than alone in this busy and chaotic world. Now you can make it possible by sitting at your home by installing the Teleparty extension. Teleparty extension is an online extension tool that enables watching movies and shows on different streaming platforms such as Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, and HBO Max. The best part is you can even add your distant friends and close ones to your watch party. 

Moreover, it is filled with user-friendly features such as syncing, HD streaming, Group Chat, Profile customization, controllability, worldwide access, etc. Furthermore, installing the extension helps you make memorable moments even if you are far away from your friends and family. Now to know how to use Teleparty and install Teleparty Extension on your PC/laptop. You need to follow the downward information and, as a bonus tip, apply its features while streaming.     

How can you use Teleparty Extension to Stream Together

If you and your friends are fond of streaming, then you must complete the following steps. As it possesses the relevant information from installation to join the watch party. Now to know about them descriptively, let’s jump onto the below steps:    

1. Install Teleparty Extension 

You can click here to install the Teleparty Chrome extension. Hence, your device must have a compatible web browser such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. Try downloading the extension on a Chromebook, Windows, and macOS system. 

2. Pin the Extension 

Pinning the extension will take place in your browser's toolbar. And to do so, add the extension by clicking on the "pin" icon, which you can see in the top-right corner of the screen. If you cannot find the extension, click on the “Teleparty“ puzzle icon.


3. Sign in to a Streaming Website

To begin watching movies and shows on your favorite streaming platforms such as Disney Plus, Netflix, Hotstar, HBO Max, and Hulu. You need to proceed with the sign-in process. Remember, having a sign-in account and subscription is necessary.


4. Search, Select & Stream

Once you sign in to your favorite streaming website, it will ask you to search and select the video that you want to play at your watch party. After selecting the video, pause it for a while.

5. Create Watch Party

You need to click on the “TP button” next to your browser's address bar to create a Watch Party. As a result, it will open a “Create a watch party” window and a “Start a Party” button. You need to click the “Start a Party” button to create the Watch Party link. And once the link is created, share it with your distant family members and friends to invite them to your Watch Party. 

6. Join Watch Party  

After receiving the Teleparty link from the host of the watch party, you need to click on it. Doing so will let you join the watch party and connect with your friends to stream together.      

Features of the Teleparty Extension 

There are a bunch of amazing and user-friendly features of the Teleparty Chrome extension. And implementing these amazing features at your watch party will intensify your streaming experience. And these are:  


1. Global Accessibility 

After having global access, users can enjoy watching shows and movies from anywhere. If you are not able to access its service? Then, it is advised to use VPN to change your location.    


2. Control over Teleparty

From a security perspective, the host can take control of the Watch Party anytime. All they need to do is to enable the “Only I have Control” button. Consequently, you can play, pause, and fast-forward the video whenever possible. You can even have the option to release the control or disable the same “Only I have Control” button.


3. Profile Personalization 

Modify your profile to make it more unconventional than other watch party members. You can try customizing it, in which you can add nicknames as a username. And put different avatars as your profile icons.  

4. Group Chat

You can opt for the “Group Chat” function to rescue yourself from getting bored. Using it allows its users to chat with other watch members in between streaming a movie or a show.    


5. Multiple Access

Teleparty is the only extension that lets users begin watching videos on different streaming platforms. Such as Hotstar, Prime Video, Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and Hulu. In a nutshell, this makes this watch party extension much more flexible. 

6. HD Streaming With Syncing

Now, users can enjoy streaming videos in HD picture quality along with a sync playback video option. So that you can enjoy binge-free video streaming with your brats and pals.

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