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How to Watch Teleparty With Friends Online

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We all deserve a break, specifically after working for long hours in the office from Monday to Friday. So without any rethinking, plan to spend your weekend peacefully relaxing at home with friends. It doesn't matter, if you reside far away from them; as now you can effortlessly make it possible. In that case, relax; all you need to do is install Teleparty extension. The Teleparty is also popular as the Netflix Party among pupils. Remember, if you install Teleparty Extension, it will be easy for you to watch movies or TV shows with your friends and family online. 

Yes, installing the Teleparty Chrome extension enables you to share your streaming experience via video playback in sync worldwide over multiple devices. Hence, every single participant in your watch party can simultaneously watch movies or shows. You can even access this Teleparty extension on different streaming platforms such as Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max. Now, without wasting a moment, let’s begin by learning the process of “How to use Teleparty” if you are planning to create a watch party. 

How to Organize a Teleparty Online? 

Here, you have a few steps that lead you towards organizing an online watch party known as Tele Party. And following these steps lets you learn about the process right from scratch, so stay tuned: 

1. Install Teleparty Extension 

Initially, you need to install the Teleparty Chrome extension on your system's web browser. And to do so, either click here or imply the manual downloading & installation process via Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browsers.

2. Open Streaming Service

Next, you need to pin the installed Teleparty extension on your browser’s toolbar. Hence, click on the extension icon to pin it to the top-right corner of your screen. And don’t forget Tele Party can function perfectly on a number of streaming platforms. Including Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max brings a sense of flexibility. 

3. Select & Start a video 

In order to select a movie or show that you would like to watch together with friends. Start jumping onto any streaming platform and open it, then log in via your account login credentials. Furthermore, pick the one; which is available on the streaming platform.

4. Create a Teleparty 

To create a Tele Party, play the selected video, then click on the TP extension icon in your browser's toolbar. After that, click the "Start the party" button to proceed further with the process. 

5. Share Teleparty Invitation Link  

Once it starts the watch party, it will automatically generate a unique party link. You need to share that watch party invitation link with other participants present at your watch party. You can take the assistance of either a messaging app or email to share links conveniently. 

6. Step-in into Teleparty  

Remember, it is required for your friends or other Tele Party participants to click on the shared link. So they can join the online Tele Party session; also, ensure that the Tele Party extension must be installed on the participants' browsers. 

7. Enjoy Video Playback in Sync

The video synchronization will automatically start once all the participants have joined the Tele Party. Moreover, the options you will get for video playback are: play, pause, rewind, or fast-forward.

8. Connect with Friends  

And that’s how your watch party will end at connecting and streaming with one you like to. Don’t hesitate to use the real-time chat feature to make your Tele Party even more engaging. 

Features of Teleparty Chrome Extension

Similar to real-time chat features, there are other features as well, you can use on your Tele Party. Let’s have a closer look at them by following the below steps: 

1. Video Playback In Sync

Our primary one is video playback in sync, enabling you to share your streaming video with people worldwide. 

2. Real-time Group Chat  

As discussed above, Teleparty has a chat feature that allows participants to communicate with each other in real time, even while watching videos. 

3. Fun Driven Options 

Don’t worry; the Chat feature is not just restricted to texting only to bring more fun; Tele Party offers an option of sending emojis & icons to show reactions. 

4. Online Profile Customization   

If you are worried about your identification's appearance, then you need to stop. Because you and other participants can customize their watch party anytime via icons, avatars, and nicknames. 

5. Enables Video Line Up  

The host of the Tele Party doesn't need to worry about remembering what to play next after the end of a video. Because as a resolution, Tele Party allows its participants to create a queue of back-to-back videos. 

7. Control Over Privacy 

Tele Party extension even offers a privacy controls option via which users can decide whether to keep a watch party public or private. Hence, effortlessly click the “Only I Have Control” button with a few tabs.  

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